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No fog machine future advantage

时间:2016-04-22 14:31 点击:
It is understood that in Japan, South Korea and other countries, the spread of drug technology has been very mature and widespread. Plant quarantine in Hunan Province plant protection station Gao Cai Ou told reporters, in promoting the development of modern agriculture and plant protection work need advanced agricultural equipment to support, at present the national plant protection mechanization there is still much room for development.
Hunan province is a field comparative test on 7 kinds of advanced plant protection machinery, including uav. Compared with the traditional manual spraying, spraying UAV with high efficiency, saving medicine, spray evenly, with the advantages of saving labor. At the same time, the remote control operation function of UAV can avoid the harm caused by long time contact with pesticide spraying, especially high stalk crops such as corn. Sugar cane, artificial spraying pesticides are prone to risk.
European high Choi also said that no fog machine is still in the exploration stage of development, there are still some problems need to be improved. 1. UAV itself. Now the UAV is mainly divided into two kinds of oil and motor, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Oil machine since the major fuel load and time can be sprayed in their teens and 20 acres, higher efficiency. The disadvantage is that the operation is difficult, more small problems.
2. Motor flying more stable, easy to operate, the disadvantage is that their own take-off weight is small, with less weight, short time of single operation, shorter battery usage, etc.. In the wind, the oil machine due to heavy weight, stronger wind resistance. The two aspect is spraying. Now farmers spraying with per mu to 60 pounds of water against, and UAV spraying water need to upgrade, water is not enough on the mechanical spraying accuracy requirements are very high, and not all agents are suitable for drone spraying.
3. Of late rice plant diseases and insect pests especially migratory pests in a lot of flying into and insect quantity big mu for the spraying amount can not solve pest damage problem now is still unknown.