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City agriculture and animal husbandry bureau deputy director

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In June 28th, deputy director of the city's agricultural and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Liang Zhonghai, led the city's Agricultural Technology Extension Station technical personnel to Beijing to study the establishment of agricultural mechanization technology. Director of the beam line has to China Agricultural University middle peasants Fortis gardening Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, Zhongji Hualian Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., China Academy of Agricultural Sciences Facilities Horticulture Science and Technology Co., Ltd., units, detailed understanding with the world's advanced level of facility agriculture pattern, planting technology, advanced equipment investment and management measures, visited the modern solar greenhouse, multifunctional greenhouse machinery, without vegetable of social effects of pollution, horticulture and other advanced facilities of agricultural new technology, focused on understanding the greenhouse facilities for agricultural mechanization technology and work more to greenhouse machinery technology application for the advanced technique of the vegetable industry in our city. China Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences Zhongji Hualian Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., is planning a photovoltaic power generation and greenhouse increased temperature, irrigation, ventilation, lighting and other technology combined with new technology, the technology of northern winter greenhouse vegetable production capacity has improved significantly with. The Secretary line reached a preliminary agreement with the company, once the project approved by the state, the demonstration of this new technology in our city test. Subsequently, on both sides of the city, agricultural extension station cooperation in research and development of effective plant protection UAV, discussed the key technique, the company will also provide technical support. (Agricultural Technology Extension Station)