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"The Huainan times" into the protection of UAV

时间:2016-04-22 14:29 点击:
On the morning of May 8, blue skies, in Ji Zhen GUI a maturing in the wheat, Fengtai County Agricultural Wang plant protection service cooperatives and technical personnel are on-site demonstration plant protection UAV operation process.
With the engine slightly buzz, carrying two buckets of pesticides of plant protection UAV off slowly, in the remote operator, UAV began flying at a low altitude, and to crop evenly sprayed pesticides.
Really curious ah, the aircraft on the TV before spraying pesticides, did not expect to see it today! "Plant protection without machine operation demonstration attracted a lot of people in the past come to the onlookers, the villagers Shi Cong told reporters said:" playing pesticides is a hard living, especially in summer to rice pesticide, about half an hour before they can play an acre of land, high temperature and pesticide stimulation very easily lead people in summer, poisoning. To see the UAV sprinkling pesticide is really time saving, more effort. "
In plant protection UAV operation demonstration site, Fengtai County Agricultural Wang plant protection service cooperatives Chairman Hu Xueyou says to the reporter, plant protection unmanned helicopter borne the weight of large, low speed, generally, only need to 1 square meters to complete the taking off and landing. At the same time, the plant protection UAV is safe and convenient, without reporting air control operations, without special landing runway and airport. UAV can hover over the air, remote control operation, to ensure the safety of the spraying operation. Man-machine control effect and good working height can be adjusted freely, drops less drift, rotors downward airflow help to improve drops on crop penetrating. UAV low operating costs, the cost of gasoline is only 0 per mu. 5 yuan or so, can save 30% to 50% of the use of pesticides, saving 90% of water consumption, reducing the pollution of pesticides on the environment. UAV operating efficiency is high, can control 500 to 300 acres per day. This year we cooperatives bought 6 intelligent suspension plant protection machine, in Ji Zhen GUI, Liu Ji carried out 3000 acres of wheat scab and aphid control demonstration, from the current investigation of the effect is very good.
Reporter in the interview to understand, with the acceleration of rural labor transfer and land transfer speed, fewer and fewer farmers, farmers to prevent and treat bug difficult problems will become more and more prominent. The current crop disease, insect and pest control rely mainly on chemical control, chemical control effect of pesticide in addition to the chemical properties and performance constraints, the timing of application, the technical quality of insecticides and equipments such as have a direct impact on the control effect, the current low application efficiency in plant protection machinery, large labor intensity, low utilization rate of pesticide, pest control, urgent need effective plant protection machinery.
During the interview, Fengtai County plant protection plant quarantine station Cai Guangcheng think protection without UAV has the efficiency, water saving, high quality, all-around, safety, convenience of a number of unique advantages, coupled with no man in operation can effectively grasp the application time, quality control technology, UAV will replace other machinery in the plant protection work play an important role. (Huainan newspaper reporter Su Qiang)